WO2013173A2 - Geräuscharm zu installierende

WO2013173A2 PCT/EP2013/052031 EP2013052031W WO2013173A2 WO 2013173 A2 WO2013173 A2 WO 2013173A2 EP 2013052031 W EP2013052031 W EP 2013052031W WO 2013173 A2 WO2013173 A2 WO 2013173A2 Authority WO WIPO (PCT) Prior art keywords foundation seabed coupling pile piles Prior art date 2012-02-03 Application number PCT/EP2013/052031

WO2013173A2 - Foundation structure of an offshore

The invention relates to a foundation structure (1) of an offshore plant, in particular an offshore wind turbine, comprising at least one foundation element that can be anchored to the seabed without a gravity foundation and without a floating foundation and a support structure (2) fastened thereto for fixing the offshore plant. According to the invention, in order to achieve a high level of

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